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Miami web designBusiness and personal relationships have changed forever due to the Internet’s ability to instantly connect people globally through e-mail, websites and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The immeasurable connection that the Internet created has changed the way we communicate, gather and send information, and market our products and services. In all this noise, how do you successfully advertise your local business and not waste your time and resources?

The new global connection has created a problem for the local business in their local markets.

1. Traditional print advertising is becoming less effective.
2. Consumers have traded in their Yellow Pages for Online Search
3. Newspaper readership is almost non-existent
4. DVR devices and services like Netflix allow people to skip commercials
5. Search results bring information overload and local businesses get lost

Traditional advertising, in today’s highly competitive market, has proven to be insufficient in helping many small businesses grow. A web presence in today’s online environment is a must for business owners, but a website that cannot be found in online searches is a useless website. A website has to be search engine and mobile friendly (be viewable and found in all devices – laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets.) Make sure you demand this of your web design company.

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Rank In Google Neighborhood

GoogleGoogle local search is on a rapidly-evolving path to hyperlocal search. Here are some suggestions by Andrew Shotland on how to rank in Google’s listings for your neighborhood:

  • “Add your neighborhood name as a descriptor at the end of your business name on your Google My Business page (e.g., “Mackey Web Design Miami”)
  • Add your neighborhood name to the description on your Google My Business page.
  • Add your neighborhood name in text to your website.
  • Add your neighborhood name to title tags on your website. Perhaps even create a page on your site to target specific neighborhood queries. This should also help you rank in the non-local pack organic results.
  • Make sure Google Maps has your neighborhood defined correctly. If not, go into Google MapMaker and submit an update.
  • Add your neighborhood to all of your local citation profiles.”

Read more here.

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How People Respond to Your Content Online

Rajesh Setty wrote a great post about the “nine ways your audience will respond to your online content:

  1. Spam: If your content does not provide a reasonable ROII (return-on-investment for an interaction) for the reader or is self-serving or simply useless, the reader will mark it as spam. Posting something that may be assessed, as “spam” is the fastest way to losing credibility.
  2. Skip: The reader makes an assessment that he or she won’t lose much by reading it. In this case, the reader has not written you off yet but if you consistently create content that is worth “skipping,” the reader might write you off.
  3. Scan: The reader thinks there are only a few parts that are of relevance and wants to get right to the core of the content and skip the rest.
  4. Stop: The reader is touched by the article and stops to think about the article, it’s relevance and what it means to him or her personally and professionally.
  5. Save: The content is so good that the reader might want to re-visit this multiple times.
  6. Shift: The article is transformational. The reader is so deeply affected (in a positive way) by the article that it shifts some of their values and beliefs. In other words, this piece of writing will transform the reader and make him or her grow.
  7. Send: The content is not only useful to the reader but also to one or more people in the reader’s network. The reader simply emails the article or a link to it to people that he or she cares.
  8. Spread: The reader finds the article fascinating enough to spread it to anyone and everyone via a blog, twitter or the social networks that he or she belongs.
  9. Subscribe: This is the ultimate expression of engagement and a vote of confidence that you will continue to provide great content. When the reader wants to continue listening to your thoughts, he or she will subscribe.”

See full article here

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New Facebook clickjacking attack

A new Facebook clickjacking attack is making the rounds, and this one is as sly as they come. The attack spreads through a malicious website.
Read all about the trick they use to get Facebook users to click on the link, and how they get it to spread to all their friends’wall after that, here.

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Real-Time Search

Real Time Search is about to change the Web and your search experience forever.
“We saw it with Michael Jackson’s passing.  We saw it with the Iran Protests and we see it more and more everyday  – the Real Time web provides us with what is happening right “Now” and with vivid detail from around the globe.  ”We” is driving the “Now” factor.” Ben Behrouzi
Read more about Real Time Search

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Google Dashboard: What Google Knows About You

If you use a lot of Google services, then Google knows a lot about you.
Google has been critized a lot because of this. So they have decided to alleviate the issue by launching Google Dashboard.
It has all the information that Google knows about you and your online habits, all in one place.

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Twitter for Marketing

Top 10 Ways to use Twitter for marketing by Jason OConnor:

  1. “Use it to promote new pieces of content you or your company create to drive traffic to your site. From online articles to blog posts or from videos to webinars, each time you add something to the Web that is of value, tweet about it and include a link. (Most people on Twitter use to take a long URL and make it short.)
  2. Use it for learning new marketing ideas, strategies and techniques. If you follow the right people, and you have to be picky about who you follow, you’ll get pointed to a good amount of useful tutorials, videos, e-zines and other things that teach you about marketing.
  3. Use it to get new customers. Use Twitter’s search to find people who may be interested in your product or service. There are many ingenious ways to search for people on Twitter. For example, if you sell red widgets you could go to and find people who have tweeted specifically looking for red widgets. To do this, type the following into the search box: red widgets?
    1. You’ll notice a lot of the results will be of others selling red widgets. These ones will all obviously have links in them to direct people to the site they’re selling red widgets on. To weed these people/tweets out, use the negative sign like this: -http red widgets?
    2. Since every link has ‘http’ in it, using the negative sign in front of it will cause your search results to not include any tweets with links in them.
  4. Use it to build your email list. Use Twitter’s search to find people who may be interested in the monthly newsletter you send out to your opt-in house email list. Invite these people to join.
  5. Utilize Twitter plugins or add-ons such as TweetMyBlog or The Twitter Updater, which both automatically make tweets of every new blog post you publish. Also check out TwitThis. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the Web page and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their followers on Twitter. Finally, look at TweetLater, a service that allows you to write lots of tweets at once and then schedule them to go out over time.
  6. Use it to build buzz about an upcoming product or website launch.
  7. Use it to better brand yourself or your business. Remember, when someone wants to learn more about you or your company, they are increasingly using sites like Twitter for research. You could easily use Twitter to establish yourself as an authority in your field.
  8. Use it to update followers on breaking news regarding your company. If your company is mentioned in a new article, tweet about it and include a link to the article. Or if you’re at a conference or trade show, you could tweet what you’re doing and invite people to visit you in person.
  9. Use it for business networking, master-mind groups (see Napoleon Hill), and getting yourself seen by high-profile people in your industry.
  10. Use it as an instant messaging system to keep your and your team on the same page during projects. This is especially useful for those who work with teams spread out in different cities or countries.”

Read the full article here Twitter for Marketing

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Blog for Business

Blooging for business has become essential. It can  brings large amounts of qualified visitors to your site, many of whom may become customers. Blogs get indexed very rapidly in Google and other search engines (if done right). Add fresh, quality content to your blog on a regular basis by writing posts, that link to your website, and you will likely help your website’s rankings in the serach enignes. 
Read more on How a Blog Can Seriously Help Your Business.

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Twitter Search from Google and Bing

The search engine wars took a dramatic turn yesterday, with Google and Microsoft both announcing real-time search  with Twitter.
Both Microsoft and Google used the Web 2.0 Summit as a forum for unveiling new deals and plans to incorporate social networking and real-time search results in their respective search engines. The announcements indicate that the Bing-Google rivalry is heating up!!
Read the full article on Social search.

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Can the new search engines beat Google?

Recently, there has been some new search engines, such as Bing or Searchme, debuting on the web.
Can these new search engines beat Google?
Can Google,  the dominant search engine, with about 72 percent of U.S. online searches be loosing some of its appeal?

Read more on the new search engines, and how they might affect Google’s share here: Can the new search engines beat Google?

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