Wordtracker Free trial, why you should give it a try

Wordtracker was established to answer a fundamental question in the search engine industry:

“What are people searching for on the Web?”

Wordtracker helps website owners and search engine marketers identify keywords and phrases that are relevant to their or their client’s business and most likely to be used as queries by search engine visitors.

Marketers can also determine how many competing sites are using those keywords and can identify the phrases that have the greatest traffic potential.

Wordtracker periodically compiles a database of over 330 million search terms which is updated on a weekly basis. So if you’re not getting enough traffic from your website, retarget your keywords with the help for Wordtracker.

Try Wordtracker for free here.

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Web design advice: promoting your website

Avoid these common mistakes when choosing keywords for your website promotion:

Too Many Keywords Per Group

Don’t group all your keywords into one or two groups. Break them out to rank for more keywords combinations.


Not Specific Enough Keywords

Some broad and generic keywords can certainly push a ton of traffic to your site. But a user searching on one of these generic phrases is often doing research in an early part of the buying process. And this approach may not result in contact and/or sales in the end.

Not Going After Long Keywords

Instead of “mp3 player”, use keywords like “sony mp3 player” and “sony 2GB S610 walkman video mp3 player”. When consumers are doing research, they know what they want and are most likely looking to purchase.


Not Attracting Local Clients Through Geographic Targeting

If you draw most of your business from a local area, geo-target your keywords to your area. This will bring the local market to your doorstep on non-local keyword phrases. This can be hugely profitable.

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How to get people to link back to your website honestly

You’ve probably heard, Google is now “punishing” websites for having paid links, because they feel it’s cheating the algorithm. Google favors sites that webmasters link to because they want to, not because they were paid to.

How do you get webmasters to link to your site?

It’s very simple, give people something worth linking to. Would you link to your website’s contents?
Be a resource for people in your field, offer advice, guidance, and good information. Put your website out there, join communities, blog for business, issue press releases,

The best way get better rankings for your website is by providing good information and good service. Don’t try to cheat your way into good rankings. I will take a little time and effort, but you will have real, long lasting results.

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