How to protect your online reputation

Protect your online reputationRecent high profile cases have illustrated the danger of people having their online reputation damaged by negative online reviews and negative comments in social media sites. What you do if you get a bad review online? People like to write negative things more than positive things. Competitors might write bad reviews about your business to try to steal business away from you. How do you combat that? How do you protect your online reputation?

BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine speaks to Dave King of the agency Digitalis, which aims to help people and businesses recover their good name following negative online reviews.

Listen to the interview here.

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Why Online Reviews Are Essential for Your Business

Here, at Mackey Web Design, we love getting great online reviews from our web design customers. It’s extremely satisfying to know that you’ve done a great job and helped someone reach their  business goals. But as equally important, it’s our customers’ online reviews that help us  win new web design customers.

Consumers trust online reviews. Take a look at the infographic below from Brand which show how important customer reviews are in customers selection of a business and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

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How To Increase Your Social Media Success Rates – Miami Web Design

How To Increase Your Social Media Success Rates?

There are various reasons that a business needs social media, but the most important is to mark its presence and establish itself in the market, be it to corner a local market such as  Miami Web Design  or a larger market, such as web design in general. A good marketing plan should be combined with a custom designed website, articles and blogs about their products and services, videos, promotion on websites like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Miami Web Design Social Media Success Tips
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What Makes The Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

What Makes The Perfect Blog Post? The folks at Blogpros combed through 100 well-ranked blogs by hand, and made this infographic illustrating what they found.
We present you with accurate data, but leave the conclusions up to you.
What can you deduce from these statistics? Whether you’re a casual blogger, an avid writer, or an SEO specialist; you’ll want to check this out. Your next blog post may turn out differently after seeing these stats!

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Top 5 small business branding mistakes

Shopkeeper smiling by storefront with open signIn this Google+ Hangout video,  iStock and BrandTwist join forces to help you identify — and avoid — the common small business branding mistakes, so you can start making bigger waves with your small business.

Do you have big plans for your small business that aren’t quite coming together? There’s a chance you’re making one or more of the top 5 small business branding mistakes that could be holding you back — or even putting you in legal hot water.

The good news is you have the power to change it. To get people to “like” your brand, but also buy it. To stand out in the growing sea of competitor websites. To tell a clear and compelling story that people actually want to hear. And to pull all of it together to build a powerful — and profitable — brand.”

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Best Social Media Strategy

Knowing your specific market is tremendously important in establishing your Social Media Strategy. Here are some easy steps to take to figure out the  most interesting and engaging content for your followers:

  1. Know your audience. Who you are trying to reach?
  2. Do your research:
    1. Ask current followers/clients what they are interested in.
    2. Check out what the competition is doing on social media
    3. In doubt, ask Google 😉 Check out trends, topics, etc.
  3. Evaluate your response: are people engaged?

Robert Caruso, social media specialist, talks a little more in depth about Social Media Strategy  in this article.

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Rank In Google Neighborhood

GoogleGoogle local search is on a rapidly-evolving path to hyperlocal search. Here are some suggestions by Andrew Shotland on how to rank in Google’s listings for your neighborhood:

  • “Add your neighborhood name as a descriptor at the end of your business name on your Google My Business page (e.g., “Mackey Web Design Miami”)
  • Add your neighborhood name to the description on your Google My Business page.
  • Add your neighborhood name in text to your website.
  • Add your neighborhood name to title tags on your website. Perhaps even create a page on your site to target specific neighborhood queries. This should also help you rank in the non-local pack organic results.
  • Make sure Google Maps has your neighborhood defined correctly. If not, go into Google MapMaker and submit an update.
  • Add your neighborhood to all of your local citation profiles.”

Read more here.

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The Importance of Business Blogging

Why do businesses need to blog?

A business blog is a great way to market your services and engage your customers.
What do you talk about in your business blog? Blog about what you know, what you are passionate about, blog about your industry. Be a leader in your community.
How do you get started? We recommend WordPress which offers many free add-ons features for your business blog.
How do you get people to visit your blog? Share your posts on Twitter and Facebook. Comment on other blogs. Cover topics in your industry.

If you’d like to read more on why businesses need to blog, here is an interesting post here.

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Web Design Slideshows

Web designSlideshows or sliders have become quite  popular  in  web design. It’s an effective way to highlight something important, create some visual interest in your website, and grab your visitor’s attention right away. We often create them for our clients. Our web design portfolio has many examples of slideshows.
If you’d like further inspiration, here are more  examples of slideshows in web design: View slideshows

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Web Designers Have New Options to Create Animations


Web designers in Miami and elsewhere who want to create animations now have solid alternatives to Flash, which has issues with displaying properly on many platforms.
Web designers and developers have switched to JavaScript because it’s one of the best ways to help create great looking animations.
With browsers finally catching up and implementing more features, web designers and developers are starting to integrate many of new features into their web apps, websites and web designs.

One great application was developed for Children’s Hospital in Boston. Boston web designers and developers created the Brain Surface and Tractography Viewer. This tool lets researchers explore data from an MRI scan within the web browser and in real time.

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